A joint project to provide orthorectified satellite image mosaics of Landsat, SPOT and ERS radar data and a high resolution Digital Elevation Model for the whole of the UK. These data will be in a form which can easily be merged with other data, such as road networks, so that any user can quickly produce a precise map of their area of interest.

The project will also install an interferometric radar processing system which can be used by any UK academic to process their own radar data from raw format through to orthorectified amplitude, coherence and DEM products.

Predominately aimed at the UK academic and educational sectors these data and software are held online at the Manchester University super computer facility where users can either process the data remotely or download it to their local network.

I.S. Ltd have been involved in the SAR interferometric processing to produce a Digital Elevation model of the UK, and mosaicing of SAR amplitude and coherence data. I.S. Ltd will orthorectify Landsat and SPOT data held by the Combined Higher Education Software Team (CHEST) to produce UK and Ireland mosaics. In addition to these datasets I.S. Ltd will generate a fused SAR / Landsat data product.

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