Teaching materials

I.S. Ltd have developed remote sensing teaching materials for the DRAGON image processing system and for PCI's EASI/PACE software. The teaching materials are used by many universities and colleges, both in the UK and around the world.

Topics covered include:

Image display and enhancement
Georeferencing images / map projections
Understanding wavelength combinations / spectral mapping
Image filtering / structural mapping
Land cover indices
Land cover classification
Meteorology / sea-surface temperature mapping
Coastal mapping - assessing water depth
GIS modelling - landslide susceptibility hazard mapping
Data exchange / raster-vector manipulations.

The 15 module PCI teaching data is available at a cost of 150 plus VAT. The 14 module DRAGON teaching materials are available at a cost of 100 plus VAT (where appropriate).

Custom training courses

In addition to the set course materials I.S. Ltd can provide specialist custom teaching courses and can also provide training courses, in the UK or on site. I.S. Ltd is a recognised PCI Training Partner. Customers of this service have included the University of West Indies, Instituto Geografico do Exercito, Turkish Mapping Agency, NMT, Maps in Action.


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